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I stay busy. Plain and simple. I’m constantly adding, updating and tweaking the content on my website to make sure I’m raising the level of quality. I get it, I’m relatively new to this online business/non-profit/book publishing world, so there’s not only a lot to learn, but A LOT to juggle. Mistakes will be made, but I’ll learn from them.

With that said, I’m doing my best, but if you notice anything that needs addressing, please let me know. And as always, Like, Comment and Share to help me continue to grow as an Authorprenuer. 

The Egglings

Due out the first week of August, The Egglings (50% off when pre-ordered) is a funny little book about tiny, accident-prone aliens who are trying to keep a protective eye on an exploring friend. Problem is, no one's keeping a protective eye on them!


The ARC used to be called ARC's Imagination Foundation and was my first attempt at an unincorporated, non-profit organization. Currently, it's my "big" update project, but should be complete within the week. I've redubbed it "The ARC" and will be closing the doors on the old website. Once the content is migrated over here, to this website, The ARC will be the hub for all of my charitable endeavors. You'll be able to find book giveaways, author readings, printable activities, and book recommendations here, just to name a few.

CuRilla Press

CuRilla Press is my hub for works of fiction geared towards middle school kids. (There may be some YA in the future, but I haven't decided.) I'm currently posting chapters from my upcoming book, The Idiom Wizard, and I have 2 big things coming right after that...

The Authinion

The Authinion, which stands for The Author Opinion, is my hub for non-fiction. You'll be able to find articles on reading, weekly questions, writing information and basically my thoughts in a series of posts I call, The Dark Side of Publishing for Children and 52 Weeks of Kidlit Wisdom.

Guest Illustrators

As an artist, I know how difficult it can be to get our names out there into this highly competitive world. For that reason alone, I started featuring Guest illustrators and showcasing their wonderful artwork with links back to their websites. Here are three of the newest talents who’ve been sharing some great stuff. Check them out!

Support Creativity

I recently added this purchasing option to my Bookstore after a few request to leave me tips. I take the profits from this and turn around and apply them towards improving my online business. While I truly appreciate "tips" because they're a flattering show of support, I still urge you to choose the "Donate" option instead.


The profits from this Donate option are applied towards children related charitable expenses and causes. Recently, it bought a large batch of books. Before that, it paid off some elementary lunch tabs. Currently, it's being applied towards a Little Free Library investment to promote reading in the community.

Book Sponsor

My Book Sponsor option is an opportunity for you or your kiddo to get turned into a cartoon and placed INSIDE my upcoming book, My Year Book Nightmare.

Book Sponsor DELUXE

My Book Sponsor DELUXE option is basically an vamped up version of Book Sponsor and offers more bells and whistles.

Book Giveaways!

And let's not forget my book giveaways, which I've been having every three months or so. All you have to do to be automatically entered, is be a member of my FREE Reading List. Being a member also gets you other perks, such as discounts, insider news, and more free content, so sign up quickly.

Well, that’s it for now, but I’ll have some announcements in the near future. As I said, I’m always working towards the next goal, so be on the lookout for news of Text Messaging Stickers, audiobooks, and tutorial courses before the years out. 

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