Weekly Question: Is it okay to pay children to read?

Weekly Question: Is it okay to pay children to read? What say you, is it okay? Plenty of people believe it’s okay to pay our children to do chores, but does reading fall in that category?

I’ll admit, I’m not adverse to paying for chores, but I don’t. As far as I’m concerned, giving children mandatory chores helps build a bit of responsibility in them while giving them the impression they’re contributing, which isn’t to say I won’t throw a dollar around for special tasks. “Hey, clean your baby brother’s room and I’ll give ya a buck,” is definitely something I’d say.

But, I digress. This is about reading. What’s your opinion? Comment below.

My Answer:

Like chores (and like I’ve often said), reading is mandatory in my house. BUT, if a holiday like X-Mas or Mother’s Day or even a birthday is coming up, I think our children should buy presents with their own money. This helps them understand financials a bit more, so I don’t mind paying for a book of my choice to be read. This will not only give me an opportunity to willingly get my kid to read outside of their typical tastes, but give them motivation so resentment isn’t formed. My daughter, for example, is very independent. She reads what she wants to read and doesn’t listen much to my suggestions. Well, this past Christmas, I paid her to read The Lightning Thief, and now she’s a HUGE Rick Riordan and mythology fan. She reads all of his books and systematically makes her way through the mythology books at the library. Considering I only paid her $2 to read the original book, I’d say I got my money’s worth!

Easy answer for me. What about you? Is it okay to pay children to read?

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