Weekly Question: Should We Force Our Kids To Read?

Should We Force Our Kids to Read?

Knowing the importance of raising a child Who reads, one might wonder why we even make reading an option? It’s mandatory in school, why shouldn’t it be at home, too? Some argue of free will violations. Some argue of it developing a deep resentment towards reading. What do you argue? Should we make reading optional or mandatory for our kids? Comment below.

My Answer:

Mandatory. I force my kids to read. I secure them in a chair, arm restraints and all, and I pry their eyelids open and hold them in place with metal clamps as a tv-sized e-reader turns digital pages right in front of their faces…

Okay, obviously that’s not true. I don’t really do that, at least, not nearly to that extreme. I understand the risks of raising kids who hate reading as a result of being forced to read, so, I balance it by putting even more emphasis on inspiring a love of reading. The kids with resentment are oftentimes the ones forced to read for hours at a time and given books like Leo Tolstoy or Moby dick. Probably not a good recipe for success.

Like chores, reading’s not optional in my house. My kids are required to read X amount of time, but it’s nothing overwhelming, and I allow them to pick their own reading material. A half-hour everyday that also serves as an opportunity to break them away from the television is a much needed breather for them. Besides, it’s as much my responsibility to save them from technology takeover as it is to encourage reading.

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