The Idiom Wizard: Chapter 4

Mr. Green is, um, Green...

Do you remember how I ended the last chapter with: “Someone (Not me!) was about to be in big, big trouble….”?

Well, someone (Not me!) ended up being super, duper lucky instead.

As it turned out, it wasn’t Mr. Green coming back into our class. It was Principle Purple. (I think anyone who works at my new school has to be named after a color.)

Principle Purple fidgeted with her hands. She said, “Mr. Green isn’t, um, feeling well.” She looked at us like she forgot what she wanted to say next. “Sooo, I guess you’re all free to leave early.”

“Yay!” Me, James, and Donald said.

Me and James were happy to be out of detention. I think Donald was just happy Mr. Green was sick.  

It was Hannah who groaned and said, “Aww. But I haven’t finished my homework yet.” She glared at us boys as if we were the reason why.

Just then, the classroom door banged open and Mr. Green stepped into the doorway.

It only took one look to see that something about him was not right. I repeat. Something about him. WAS. NOT. RIGHT.

He was almost unrecognizable. His skin was sweaty and green, like celery. And, somehow, he wasn’t tall anymore. His skin sagged and he was very short. Shorter than me. Shorter than my Grandma Agnus when she’s hunched over on her cane. But what creeped me out the most, were his eyes!

Man, his eyes weren’t tiny like they used to be, but bigger than most. And by “most”, I mean his eyes were bigger than MOST of the eyes in the whole wide world smushed together!

They were huuuuge!!

“Up and at ‘em,” Principle Purple said, smiling nervously. She looked at us, then at Mr. Green. “Uh,” she said, fidgeting with her hands again. “I thought you were going home for the day. Something about getting some rest and finding your book?”

He ignored her and scrambled over to his desk. “Book?” he said, tossing his papers in the air. “Book, book, bookety-book. Wheeeeeere’s book?”

I looked at Donald but didn’t see Mr. Green’s book anywhere. He must have dropped it.

“Uh, children,” Principle Purple said, inching towards the door. “Time to go. Wouldn’t want to, um, catch Mr. Green’s cold…”

She definitely did not have to tell us twice. We started to inch towards the door too, but when Mr. Green stopped to sniff his own armpit, each of us (even Principle Purple!!) inched a whole lot faster!


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