Flash Giveaway WINNER!

Woot woot! We’ve got a flash giveaway winner! On Sunday, I asked my Facebook friends to comment with any number they wanted between 1 and 26. Only, I didn’t tell them why…

Well, here’s the why:

Using the chart below (where each number represents a letter), I intended to use the first two sets of duplicated numbers to help me select a winner for today’s surprise giveaway. The first duplicated number would identify the first letter of the first name. The second duplicated number would identify the first letter of the last name. Easy enough?

Well, the first duplicated numbers, chosen by Monica Metzler and Kyle Crandall, was 21. If you look at the chart, 21 = U, which also made the second duplicated number irrelevant, because I ONLY have one friend who’s name starts with “U”.

Ubaha Ekong, congratulations! Take a look through my bookstore, pick any book you want, then message me on Facebook. I’ll have it in the mail to you within a day’s time! 😀

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