Weekly Question: How Often Do You Read to Your Children?

How often do you read to your children?

You do read to your children, right? I hope so. It’s no secret that there are many benefits of reading to our children, and there’s data to back it up. Still, some parents don’t read to them as much as we should. Worse, some don’t read to them at all. So, how often do you read to your children?

My Answer:

I try to read to my youngest son (4) a minimum of twice a day. Once at nap-time and once at bedtime. I don’t read for long, only a book or two, so I seldom ever find myself tolerating the excuses I make of being “too tired”. Instead, I tell myself to “MAN UP!”, and I do what I genuinely believe will help him in the long run. I read to him. Most the time he is overjoyed for it, but there have been occasions where he got upset over me taking his iPad or making him go to sleep. In these instances, I read books with more texts because I don’t want fun pictures to feel like a reward for his temper tantrum, but I still want him to benefit from the experience of reading.

Now, my older kids (11 and 9) prefer to read to themselves and no longer want me to read to them, which I think is a big bummer! Buuuut, I sneak ways of reading to them into our daily activities because I’m sentimental and stubborn. Just the other day, to read to my daughter while her and I played a new game on the Nintendo Switch. She read all the girl dialogue while I read all the boy dialogue. We acted it out and had us a good laugh doing it.

How about you? Do you read to your children? If so, how often do you read to them? Comment below with your answer.

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