Website Update: Woot! Woot!

Website update: Woot! Woot! I’ve updated my website and now have two new additions to announce. If you recall, The Authinion and Curilla Press were under construction when I first launched my site, but not anymore!

By now, it should be apparent that I’m toiling away over here trying to implement new sections into my website that are not only relevant to my long-term goals of promoting reading to children, but maintainable. I’m always updating and looking to improve my site, but as far as major additions go, these are two of my bigger ones that, while seemingly small now, will grow larger as I add more and more content.

With that said, I’d like to introduce my new additions:

Curilla Press:

This is my hub for creative fiction. It’s a place where I can have fun and share chapters and snippets of my writing, but also where you can interact with me. After all, you know your kiddo better than I do, so who better to lend advice than you? Besides, the chapters I plan to post will one day be included in books I release for sale. So, I may misspell a word, or completely omit a key character from the end of a book, and YOU could be the hero who saves me from embarrassment!

You can look forward to reading mostly Middle Grade and Young Adult works of fiction. Some will be humorous, and some serious, but all will be creative as since that’s where my storytelling mind tends to take me.

In the future, I’ll be releasing flash fiction, interactive stories and even audio book snippets here.

The Authinion:

This will be my hub for non-fiction. As I’ve networked, I’ve met more and more people who share my interests. Some are more experienced, some less. Either way, I wanted a place where I could communicate to them about the intricacies of writing without bogging down the moms and dads out there who just want some great books for their kids.

With that said, The Authinion is for like-minded authors interested in knowing what’s going through other authors’ minds, as well as for aspiring authors curious about the inner-workings of being or becoming an author. And then, it’s also for people who are simply curious.

In the future, podcast and tutorial videos will be located here, as well as author interviews.

Well, that’s it for now, but stay tuned. My next book is approaching fast and I’ve got plenty of content coming your way. Happy reading!

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