Weekly Question: Public Schools or Homeschooling?

Weekly Question: Do you believe it’s better to send children to public schools or to homeschool them?

Hmm. Public schools or homeschooling? Before you answer, let’s pretend you don’t have to worry about daycare costs, going to work, or any of the things that could complicate this. Which do you think would lead to a better education?

My answer:

Okay, so public schools or homeschooling… Of course, there are exceptions, but as a whole, I believe a public school education would be better. There. I said it. Here’s why. As a child, I believed adults were invincible and the greatest things on Earth. As an adult, though? Ugh. I’m completely disappointed in mankind! I see that adults, myself included, are flawed and, sadly, ignorant and oftentimes under educated. Worse, there doesn’t seem to be any widespread desire to continue to learn after school. I mean, I’m going to need counseling after finding out just how many parents don’t emphasis reading to their children!!

All jokes aside, I know those are harsh words, but they’re my feelings, just exaggerated. So many people get frustrated with public schools and think they can do better. Sure, some of them can, but the majority simply don’t have the training or knowledge of the teachers in our public school systems. Possessing knowledge is one thing, but teaching it in a way that others can comprehend is something else entirely.

So, public schools or homeschooling? What are your thoughts? Which do you think would lead to a better education?

Also, as an aside, here are a couple links for you to look at if you’ve found yourself wanting to simply find a bit more info on the subject at hand. It’s nothing too serious, but interesting nonetheless. Take a gander, let me know what you think.

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  1. I think it depends a lot on the parents and children and whether or not they’re following a curriculum or winging it.

    For parents, I think those who are sincerely invested in teaching their child can make homeschooling very successful, especially if the child has learning, emotional, and/or behavioral issues that make traditional learning in the classroom difficult. There are also families who move around quite a bit, so jumping from school to school can be difficult (I had one classmate who attended 4 schools in 5 years because her father was a pastor and, by the time I met her, she was close to breaking).

    Children learn in different ways, so sometimes a standard public school education isn’t enough or is too overwhelming. In those cases, they might benefit from learning that goes at their own pace. Conversely, students may also need that push that public schools provide to ensure each student is taught the same thing and having peers to work through the information alongside and with them can be invaluable. Another thing to consider is that neither parents nor some teachers are adequately prepared to teach ( I’ve had some truly terrible teachers).

    Obviously, I don’t think I can give a clear cut answer. Personally, I thrived in traditional schools, but my brother struggled and only found success through hybrid traditional schooling and homeschooling. I don’t believe one form is better than the other. It depends a lot on the individuals involved, the state of the public school system in a given area, and what homeschooling resources are available. It also depends on what the student chooses to take away from their education.

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