The Idiom Wizard

The Idiom Wizard

Book 1:

Raining Cats &  Dogs


by A. R. Curry


Dedicated to

Aliya, Tristan and Joshua



In a cage, 
locked away, 
is the Idiom Wizard of old. 
Free him ye shall, 
by reading this spell, 
and bringing in the cold. 
NOW, call a truce, 
and set it loose, 
enough time has passed. 
So freeze, breeze, freeze. 
Freeze Hell over at last!




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2 Comments on “The Idiom Wizard

  1. New book coming soon? I hope, keep whipping them out!

    • Technically… yes. But not for a while. These are rough draft samples that I’m releasing for people who are interested in reading my stuff for kids 9 and up.

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